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We understand that each practice is unique

So we don’t utilize a one size fits all approach to our services. Our dedicated team will listen to your issues and work with you on determining the best course of action. Together we will help you establish processes that fit your individual needs and preferences.

Our “best practice” strategies have helped our clients in areas such as: medical billing and revenue cycle management, personal and staff compensation plans, staff training, auditing for embezzlement, fee schedule analysis, and development of organizational policies and procedures.


Revenue Cycle Management Services

It is essential for your practice’s health to ensure that all charges are correctly captured, entered, and submitted for payment processing. Our team of professionals will work with your practice to ensure these are handled in the appropriate manner. Additionally, we will review charges for accuracy prior to claim submission (which minimizes rejections from the insurance carrier).

Our team will make sure denials, underpayments, and requests for information are followed up in a timely manner. Patient statements are sent on a regular basis and patients are encouraged to call us directly for any questions, which reduces call volume for your practice.

Practice Management Consulting

We have had the benefit of working with a vast number of medical practices over the past couple of decades. This has led to the accumulation of a deep knowledge base – one we use to bring unique solutions to the table.
Our recommendations for your individual needs depend on an array of factors. We will look carefully at your existing processes and provide recommendations of opportunities for improvement. This may include identifying new revenue opportunities, evaluating current billing and reimbursement processes, staff training, and utilizing technologies and processes to improve productivity.
Our mission is to provide the strategies that independent practices need to take the weight off their doctors and give them more freedom to do what they do best: care for their patients. If you would like to learn more about our services or schedule a consultation, please contact us at (260) 927-1266.