The most important services a medical practice provides are those geared toward helping patients overcome health issues. The services Independent Networking Group (ING) provides are geared towards helping medical practices overcome business issues. We do this so you can grow your practice and provide care to a greater number of patients.

In all likelihood, “running a business” was not your primary motivation for becoming a doctor. Instead, you were interested in sciences like biology and chemistry. When you went to med school, the courses you took were centered on anatomy, physiology, and medicine. Not a lot of room in there for subjects like accounting, human resources, and business management.

Fortunately, you can turn to a trusted company like ING for assistance with the essential business practices that allow you to continue helping those in need. Doing so enables you to find peace of mind, knowing revenue is coming in and everything is being coded and billed correctly. Your practice can become more profitable, which is important even if it isn’t your primary motivation.

Your Practice Is Unique

One thing your practice has in common with every other medical practice out there is the simple fact it is unique. The services you offer, treatments you use, and members of your staff all add elements that make your practice different from the next doctor’s. This means a lot for your patients and why they choose you, but it also means you face a unique set of challenges.

Since every practice has different challenges, every practice needs different solutions. This is where ING thrives. We do not offer cookie-cutter services. Instead, we work with you to understand both your goals and the issues that prevent you from achieving them. Other consulting firms might be fine with offering one-size-fits-all solutions, but we’ve been around long enough to know that just doesn’t work.

What does work is taking the time to listen to you, and you will always find that from ING.

Types of Services We Provide

In order to help you overcome the unique problems faced by your practice, we offer an array of services and tools falling underneath two general categories – revenue cycle management and practice management consulting services. These areas are both instrumental in ensuring your practice is running at peak form.

Revenue cycle management provides assurance that the entire lifecycle of your patient accounts go as smoothly as possible, and your practice receives timely payments for the services you provided. Managing your cash flow is more important than ever, but you don’t want to worry about this after a long day of treating patients. Fortunately, our professionals will work for you, carefully paying attention to make sure every charge is properly—and accurately—submitted to the insurance carrier. We follow up for you on all denials, underpayments, and requests for additional information.

Practice management consulting services are centered on the business elements of running a practice—the ones they didn’t cover in med school. These include:

  • Revenue/Accounts Receivable Analysis – We can help you understand if your business is taking in the revenue it should be, and what can be done if it isn’t.
  • EOB Analysis – We can analyze the explanations of benefits provided by insurance carriers to determine if everything is being processed correctly.
  • Embezzlement Analysis – You want to trust your staff, but the sad reality is that embezzlement is a problem in some practices. We will make sure funds aren’t being diverted from your practice.
  • Identifying New Revenue Opportunities – If there are ways of earning extra revenue that you haven’t considered, we will find them for you.
  • Staff Evaluation and Training – As noted earlier, they do not cover human resources at med school! Fortunately, we can work with you for effective evaluation and training practices.
  • Technologies and Processes to Improve Productivity – You stay on top of the latest in medical practices and news. We stay on top of the latest in technologies and processes to improve productivity. Let us handle that for you while you treat your patients.

Whether you need revenue cycle management, practice management consulting services, or both, ING is the trusted, experienced source you want working for you. We will take the time to listen to your concerns, identify any root issues, and then create a plan to effectively address them for you – just like you do for your patients!

Call us for additional information about the services we perform or, even better, schedule an appointment with us to find out how she will help your practice thrive. You can reach our office at (260) 927-1266. So contact us today and let us help you reach your goals!