We have been fortunate to work with numerous medical practices for more than 20 years. Much like doctors who have spent decades in the field, this has given us a wide base of knowledge.

We use this knowledge to bring a unique and diverse background of solutions for you and your practice. Depending on the issues you are experiencing, we can provide expert recommendations to address the individual needs of your practice. No matter if you are a solo practitioner or have a large practice, we will provide you with the personalized care and service you deserve.

Practice Management Consulting Services

Our first step with you as a new client is to learn about your practice, the services you offer, and the problems and challenges you face. As part of this, we perform a comprehensive review of your medical practice. You’re probably thinking that this sounds a lot like getting a complete medical history and performing a physical, and you are absolutely correct. You certainly know that it is impossible to fix any problems if you don’t get down to the root cause!

We examine every aspect of your practice and then report our findings to you. This allows you to understand what we are seeing and why we are recommending the actions we recommend.

Specific areas we will evaluate and assess include (but are not limited to):

  • Identifying new revenue opportunities
  • Revenue and reimbursement analysis
  • Personal and staff compensation
  • Reimbursement maximization
  • Overhead cost reductions
  • Staff training
  • Organizational policies

Having identified areas of your practice that are of greatest priority, we will provide our recommended changes and solutions. Together we will work on implementing those processes that will help your practice realize its potential.

Reach Out to Us

Independent Networking Group is unique in that we are experts in virtually every aspect of medical practice management. Our vast experience in medical practice consulting, and the ability to leverage many resources, allows us to help you increase profits, improve patient and employee satisfaction, and reduce stress for you and your staff.

Our mission is to provide the strategies that independent practices like yours need to take the weight off doctors and give you more freedom to do what you do best: care for your patients. If you would like to learn more about our services or schedule a consultation, please contact us at (260) 927-1266.