It is more important than ever to manage your cash flow. Our dedicated staff of professionals work with your practice to ensure that all charges are captured, entered, and submitted for payment processing.

This includes reviewing each charge for accuracy prior to claim submission to the insurance carrier in order to minimize rejections. Denials, underpayments, or requests for additional information are followed up on in a timely and accurate manner. Patient statements and soft collections are also handled by our team to reduce call volume to the practice.

Maximization of Revenue is our highest priority while you focus on running your practice. The benefits of outsourced billing include:

  • Improved cash flow
  • Reduced overhead costs
  • Continuity of services that won’t be interrupted by staff turnover
  • Reduced outstanding accounts receivable
  • Ability for the practice to focus on patient care activities
  • Comprehensive reporting and statistical analysis
  • Maximized revenue while maintaining coding and regulatory compliance

The Right Guidance Goes a Long Way

The more knowledgeable those who handle your revenue management are, the better they can navigate the twists and turns of the process and keep a steady flow of practice-sustaining income.

Take the stress of your practice’s revenue cycle out of your daily routine. Place it instead within the hands of a knowledgeable, capable firm with the best interests of your practice in mind. To learn more information about the wide range of business services we provide, contact us at (260) 927-1266.